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Yes, I finally finished my floral series.

In Celebration I would like to give away a bag of euphemera goodies.  Please comment with your blog link (so I can visit you!) on this post between now and June 7 . . .I will draw a winner randomly and send out a bag of goodies to the winner.   Thanks for celebrating with me!

PS:  If you have not tried Bloglines to keep up with your fellow artists blogs. . . you HAVE to try it. . .its free and lets you know when blogs you are following have been updated!  If you get it I would love to be added and that’s why I asked for blog links in the comments so I can add you to mine…Blessings and Peace!

Here’s the last of the four with a close up.

floral 4floral









3rd in a floral collage series

          2nd in a series of floral collages                                    floral

  Here’s all four together. . .can’t wait to get them hung…until they find a new home…

Comments on: "Celebration and Blog Give Away!" (38)

  1. Wow! These are gorgeous!

  2. Donna Hall said:

    Your floral collages are wonderful! Very inspiring!!

  3. Whoah! These are absolutely stunning! I found you by way of the soul journaling group. (I just recently joined)


  4. nancy tasker said:

    They are lovely and I’m sure someone will love to have one or all of them in their home! Great work. nancy

  5. Beautiful flower series.

  6. Nancy Johnston said:

    Gorgeous! I keep saying I’m going to try it, and my sister has made some beautiful landscapes of my parent’s farm and others.

    My favorite, for what it’s worth, is the water lilies. Just picked up a beautiful blossom this past weekend at our lake. I had forgotten how much I loved them as a kid.

    Hugs. Thanks for posting – brightened a dreary, rainy day.

    Nancy in Michigan

  7. Nancy Johnston said:

    Gosh, after I posted this, I looked again and thought, maybe it isn’t a water lily. Ha!

    And your son’s drawing is great! If I was a teen nowadays, I’d probably be in love with him for his art.

  8. These are gorgeous. I love all of the textures and patterns – the way you’ve arranged them is so pleasing. How big are these delights? This is definitely a time to celebrate. Thanks for sharing your success with the group. These would be magnificent reproduced onto cards.

  9. Lovely!! I am so impressed by the whole series – great job!

  10. Beautiful series. I haven’t seen flowers made this way before and they are really stunning. Congratulations!

  11. You are very talented with your collage. Mine are childs play in comparison. Well done. lots of love from susan in australia

  12. I love your floral creations. My favorite is the multicolored flower with the close-up view.

    What did you use to create this one? Paper, paint ??

    thanks for sharing

  13. These are wonderful – my favourite is the last one – it reminded me of a sunflower!

  14. Vickie A-Morgan said:

    Beautiful flowers, all the texture and color is beautiful! I agree with Kathryn, these would be beautiful reproduced onto cards.

  15. Congratulations on the completion of your flower series. They are gorgeous!

  16. These are absolutely gorgeous! Your colors are amazing.

  17. I love your technique with the flowers and I really like your daughters drawing. Nice work, ladies! 😉

  18. These are so beautiful! I hardly know what to say. I love all the colors used, and I find the rounded shape really appealing. Congratulations on finishing your work. You are talented in my book. 😉

  19. Bernie Abbott said:

    Wow, these are absolutely beautiful. The colours are magical. Well done on finishing your flower series.

  20. Kate Usher said:

    I am speechless. Your flower series is fantastic. Your work is so original. I will keep checking back to your blog to see what you are doing in the future.


  21. Nina Reeba said:

    Just gorgeous!

  22. The flowers are gorgeous…rich with color and texture..interesting to see your past work as is my only blog on 1000 Markets..Cheers!

  23. HI, I got your link from BAJ group on yahoo. Looks good!


  24. Really nice pictures. I like the one that looks like a water lily but then I like the blue, and the multicolored – they are all nice. A really neat collage series. You did great.

  25. I don’t have a blog but felt the need to comment anyway. These are so vibrant and colorful, and what a nice talent you have. Thanks for sharing these and your sons art work.

  26. Those are just gorgeous! congrats!


  27. Oh My! These are really lovely and look like they took a lot of time! Thanks for sharing these! I saw your post at A.R.T. yahoo group – love looking at everyone’s creative works!

  28. These are really lovely. Nice color and dimension–joyous feel.

  29. Your collages are beautiful. I wish I could do work like that. And Your son’s drawing is really good. I have a 15 year old and his work is in the same genre- I think it’s an adolescent boy-thing. :>)

  30. Very cool…love the colors and the texture. Reminds me a impressionism.

  31. These are beautiful! Are they all paper collage or paper & fabric mixed? Wonderful work…

  32. I love collage and yours are splendid. You make me so jealous. Lucky you!

  33. These are so great, love your use of color….like your son’s work too.

  34. Oh those are so wonderful and will be a source of constant joy once hung on your walls I’m sure!
    Doesn’t it feel GREAT to finish a Series? I do hope you went out and CELEBRATED in STYLE! I especially love the Rose..those are my favourite colours!

  35. They look wonderful all together like that! I do love a series. You may find that once you have them hung, you aren’t willing to let them go to a new home. 🙂

  36. Those are absolutely beautiful!

  37. these are absolutely beautiful!!

  38. Gorgeous flower series, love the whole look!

    Happy Creating!

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