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New Canvas Swap

Ok you…I’ve decided to join in with some online friends and do a canvas swap. We’re each taking an 11×14 canvas board…putting whatever our muses dictate upon the canvas and then mailing it to the next person.

I’m working with
DJ :

Malindabelle Brymer :

Mary Hicks :

Check these ladies out…they are talented!

The first round is easy, it’s just a backgrounds…but here’s what I’m sending on to Mary….

Magazine clippings all about women and living a full life, gold paint combed over for texture and sprayed with india ink.  Now the hard part comes when I have to paint over someone elses work!!!

Comments on: "New Canvas Swap" (4)

  1. Next time you do this please let me know. I would love to get involved.
    in joy,

  2. This was just a guinea pig experiment. We will definitely keep you in mind next time!! I’ll put out a post next time. We do stuff like this all the time at creative Coach coach Space…you should check it out. So glad you’re reading~! Peace and LIght Windy

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