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From my new friend Archan Mehta you can find out more about him at

But here’s a poem he had to share and wanted to share with my friends…so here you are and Thank you Archan!

Modern Lives by Archan Mehta

Available on Etsy, just click….

In our lives,
There are comings and goings,
People are rushing around everywhere,
There is no time,
To sit still and just be there.

Some are searching for jobs,
And others for a spouse,
There are even those who are
Insanely jealous over their neighbour’s house.

You will find snake-oil salesmen,
Calling you at odd hours,
Meanwhile, newspapers keep reminding you of
Bill Clinton’s steamy romance with Jennifer Flowers.

There are so many things to buy,
And oh, so many things to do,
How do you even find the time,

To visit the loo?

I’m sorry, but I have no time,
Why, this has become our mantra,
Celebrities roam around with gadgets galore
As if they are trying
To even the score.

People are shopping till they drop,
Buying things like there’s no tomorrow,
Nobody has the time,
To comfort a friend in sorrow.

Conspicuous consumption is our way of life,
We want ownership over property and land,
We’ll do almost anything,
To get our hands on an extra grand.

We have become obsessed
About the lives of the rich and famous,
Who flaunt their “twins” in public,
Welcome to this fun republic!

We invite people into our homes,
And display expensive works of art,
We conveniently forget about
The artist’s actual life,
Did he have hobbies, pain, even a wife?

An artist’s life is often controversial,
But we prefer to
Bury the truth under the mat,
Instead, we talk about our cat.

Art for art’s sake,
Why, that’s no longer
What we would like to pursue,
Instead, we tend to worship money,
After all,
That’s all that matters on our spiritual journey.

An artist has to be
A commercial success,
To be taken seriously–or else,
He ends up waiting tables,
Even though he may be talented and able.

After all,
Selling and buying,
That’s what matters to us,
In the end,
If you fail to reach this goal,
You will turn into
A mole in a hole.

( Archan Mehta is a freelance writer, consultant and a teacher of meditation. Feel free to contact Archan at

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