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I just had the nicest email from a local artist John Irizarry about my interview on CBS DFW……

I have just finished reading the CBSDFW interview and wish to send my congratulations for the first showing of your beautiful work. I am a Dallas artist who feels the same about their work as you do. I’ve done many shows but not a gallery yet so as one local artist to another, “break a leg” and take that stairway to the top! John Irizarry,

It was so so nice to get such a supportive email from an EXTREMELY talented artist as you’ll see below!  For him to take time from his busy schedule to send congrats to a stranger just shows what our Artist’s Community should be all about.  We have to support one another because Lord knows not everyone understands us!!  My accountant husband, although he is my biggest fan still sometimes just looks at me like I have three heads on my shoulders…but then again so do alot of people!!  We as artists have to stick together, so thank you John….and best of luck to you too!!

Click on John’s amazing piece to visit his website and send him some love!  His work is breathtaking!  I especially LOVE his abstracts!

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  1. Sally Cronin Cunningham said:

    Beautiful work-please visit ou site,read& look around. I’d love to see your work on our online art gallery!

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