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Layering Encaustic

As you know, I am literally just playing around with Encaustic right now with no classes or anything.  I did find a  great class in July that I plan to take to REALLY learn how to use it but I figure there’s no harm in playing until then!

  • I did read you can make your own encaustic bars with beeswax and artists oil pastels…it works great!  It’s a very inexpensive alternative!
























Please leave comments or click “LIKE” if you do or “Share”…would love to hear from you…especially some Encaustic Experts out there!

Comments on: "Layering Encaustic" (2)

  1. Keep on playing! Love seeing what you came up with. i’m no encaustic expert, but I am intrigued by the process. I live in the city where R&F Handmade Paints makes their encastics and hold workshops, so I’ll get there someday!

    I’d love for you to check out my bog as well. I’m documenting my process of exploring painting.

    Sheri Ponzi

  2. […] Layering Encaustic ( […]

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