Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…

I’ve fallen so in love with Encaustic lately but I still love my acrylic technique so much, so I’m just going for it and playing around….remember to always just play and have fun!! so here I am playing around with using the exact same taping and collaging techniques except using encaustic instead of acrylic.  If you look at a lot of my shape based pieces you’ll see I”ll focus on either triangles, squares or rectangles….well with this encaustic piece I not only set aside the acrylic but used both squares and triangles….How DARE I????   🙂  But it was so so fun….so here is the result, let me know what you think and  leave a comment or “Like” it or just look at it and say “what the heck was she thinking”…..but just have a look ….. that’s all we should care about is putting what the muses give us on the substrate given us, whether it’s canvas, wood or notebook paper, then let others do what they will with it….(but I do love my comments I must say!!! 🙂  Peace and Light to you my friend.  WK

Comments on: "Using the same technique with different mediums….what in the world will happen?" (3)

  1. Thank you sbmacinnis! Would love to see your blog! I saw your gravatar but couldn’t get to a link for you….if you have a blog I would love to snoop around!! 🙂 Windy Kai

  2. Diane Huff said:

    LOVE encaustic! The rich feeling of the wax, the layer upon layer, then the taking off some of the layers to find neat surprises-

    Diane/ Circle of Light Studio
    on HUMMINGBIRD! Lane in Olympia WA

  3. I like it a lot – I really want to try encaustic but find it intimidating. love the layers and texture in your piece. laughed out loud at “daring” to use squares and triangles in the same piece.

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