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Well, I sold two pieces of my work this week and I am thoroughly excited, however as I start to touch up side corners and mount and get them ready to ship I feel this sadness that I’m losing them.  I LOVE these two pieces.  One I’ve had for almost ten years and never showed it to the public until two months ago and now off they go.  I’ve sold work to friends before but it’s very different because you know you can visit your children any time, but my babies are off to the Philippines and the deposit into my bank account is doing little to assuage my feelings of loss.  Do you feel this way when you sell work?  Do you feel like you’re cutting an umbilical cord that you’re just not ready to cut yet?

I’m just curious to see how other artists feel when their art goes out into the world.  I am honored every time I sell a piece and am always thrilled that someone loved my work enough to invest in it.  It’s also both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time to send a little piece of your soul out into the world and not having any control over where it goes from there.

Believe me this is not by any means a complaint!  I’m overjoyed, but every artists develops a relationship with each piece they create, I mean they are literally your BABIES….but to let them go is both joyous and bitter-sweet.  I might also be feeling this way because I have a 17-year-old that is a SR. starting next week and soon I will send this creation too out into the world without any control.

But here I am….sending them off to a lovely woman in the Philippines and if you’re reading this, thank you Lindsey!   And I know the Universe will serve my creations well….The Universe pulled the art out of me, so It’s not going to let me down now!

I would love to hear from other artists and how you feel when you sell and send off your babies….

As always, peace and light….WK

The Creations I’m Sending out into the Universe….isn’t the last one the best!!! 🙂

Comments on: "Parting from you work…do you have a hard time giving up your babies as well?" (2)

  1. I too have been both exhilarated and a bit sad to see my creations/babies leave, but then I try to remind myself that they were in fact created for someone else and now they have gone to their rightful home. It helps to make it feel better.
    As for sending my flesh and blood babies out into the world….I have survived that three times and it doesn’t really get any easier… but I trust that it is the best thing for all of us and so far it seems to be working for all of us! They never stop being our ‘babies’ though…… 😉

  2. My mother’s friend who is an artist has such issues with parting with her pieces that she just keeps creating new, custom ones instead of selling the others! Needless to say, she hasn’t sold many. I’ve had to turn over mural projects when I moved, sold several pieces on ebay years ago and it is definitely bittersweet. As personal and meaningful as your pieces are to you, Windy, this is probably always going to be a struggle but you’ll get through it! It just means you get to create more beautiful work and your joyful creations will touch even more lives, making the world a prettier place!

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