Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…

 Hey you,   I just had to share pics of my CLEAN, I REPEAT CLEAN  and revamped studio!!!  Now this doesn’t happen often so enjoy while you can……



Subscriber of the month is getting some link love!!!    Primal Aspects are some great people and pretty talented too, so click on over and give them a look see.

IF you’d like a little link love, just subscribe to my newsletter, get a freebie transfer technique and send me your site or blog….monthly I’ll feature one and we can all get to know each other a little better!!

So today you’ve seen a clean studio and a new site and hopefully new friend.  Not bad for a day’s work.   As always, comment or Like me on Facebook and come see us at Winnsboro Fine Art Festival this weekend!!!!

Click for my info under 2011 Artists!

Sending out Peace and Light to YOU!!!  WK

Comments on: "Clean Studio and Subscriber of the Month" (1)

  1. Oh wow! I just noticed this. Thank you so much Windy!! We’ll be sending some link love back your way real soon. Keep creating in that wonderful way that only you can!

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