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Well, I got these amazing new canvases that are beveled on the edges….they are so cool as you can see here….so I’m starting a new piece on a large one and I’m going to try to document it stage by stage for you.  The first pic is of the plain canvas.

The next pic is of some lines I’ve very loosely sketched in to create sections for different textures and colors.  I think I’m going to try to go with some brighter colors for this one just for fun.  I very much stick to warmer colors and maybe I’ll play around with some brights this time.  Below you’ll see the general layout and some heavy molding gel that I’ve put in various textures.



Finally the last picture is of the corner showing the texture going off the beveled side. 

If you want to follow along you can use any canvas OR if you want these great beveled canvases check out Jerry’s Artorama for their very reasonable prices.  Or you can just use a regular canvas to follow along with the techniques I’ll be using.

So to recap

1.  Sketch out a general layout to section off your canvas into different squares and triangles, rectangles, anything you want really.  I stuck with squares and rectangles of various sizes for this piece.

2.  Use molding paste or a heavy bodied gel medium to cover various sections.   Then using different tools, stamps or even your hands give the paste texture.  Then leave to dry until we can begin again another day!

As always don’t forget to Like the post if you do indeed like it or share it with some friends on Facebook or Twitter or LEAVE A COMMENT with anything you’d like to add to this project.  I would love to hear what variations you would have on this project as we go.

Love and Light and Happy Holidays to you and yours.  WK

Comments on: "Beveled Canvas Project: Follow along!!" (6)

  1. Windy, This looks like a lot of fun. I might try to locate some beveled edge canvas over the holidays.
    May I warn you of something? I noticed a snow widget added to your blog. Last year, I added a snow effect, and it was a kind of virus that really messed up my blog. It kept me & others from accessing it. Took me forever to figure out what it was, until I asked a professional computer tech. I don’t know if yours is the same, but just beware. If you start to have problems, delete the snow effect. Merry Christmas to you & yours, DJ

    • The beveled canvases are fun. I have NO idea where the snow effect is coming from. I thought it was just something wordpress did. How do I turn it off???

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