Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…

Here’s a look at my newest piece.   I’m in love with browns always but now  browns and  blues can’t stay away from each other in my work.  They are like magnets.  So here’s my latest piece on my easel.  In this picture the different tones of browns and yellows I used didn’t show up as well as I would have liked so I will get an updated pic up soon.  I ranged from dark browns to light tan colors  but the pic on my iPhone didn’t quite catch it so I’m off to capture it with my “real” camera.  Who knew there was something an iPhone couldn’t do??? 🙂

Do you have colors that you “magnet” towards?  Colors that call to you?   Please share in the comment section if you do!

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Here’s a better pic of the above painting that really captures the tonal values of the browns used.

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