Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…

Hi all,  I just returned from a great little show in Georgetown TX and had a super time!

Made some great sales but most of all I got some great tips from a New Artist that was only on his second show!  So it just goes to show that we can always learn and share (or steal) 🙂  ideas from each other no matter how long we’ve been at this game!


First of all Jim at showed me  The newest gadget app that’s hitting the “phone world”  You can create a code for your own website so that buyers with the QR App downloaded to their phone can scan the code and it will take them directly to your website!  There’s also much more you can do if you explore the site!

So download a FREE QR Reader App on your phone and scan the code below:


What a great tool to have on display at your booth so folks don’t have to remember your site….they can go directly to it!  It’s the new “wave” and you’ll start seeing these codes everywhere, if you haven’t already.  So jump on in and create your own code for your buyers, for FREE!


Finally Jim had a great storage idea that he used in his tent.  He had his pro-panels set up as below…..

But secretly behind it he had created a bin for storage using only cardboard and matching carpet from Home Depot to hide the “junk” from view of buyers.  See Below….


So all in all with sales, time with my husband, meeting new people like Jim and getting these great frugal ideas, it was a super successful weekend!


If you’d like to see us in person we’ll be at the following locations coming up in October and November!

Show Dates: 10/26/12 – 10/28/12

Hope to see you there!!

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Love and Light as Always…..WK

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