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SOOO, as you’ll see in my previous post I have a long standing fear of face drawing and painting.  Well, recently I started a grid project to help me get over this fear.  It’s turning out actually quite well and curing my fear of faces!  the grid system works great to get you off your feet and flying!  Here are the results!

audrey 1

audrey 2

audrey 3

audrey 4

audrey 5

So here I am, the ultimate frady cat when it comes to drawing faces and look what I’ve achieved as just a class project along with my students.  I surprised myself….maybe you’ll surprise YOU!!

Comment below to let me know about your biggest artistic fear and how you overcame it….and pictures are always nice!!!

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Love and Light….WK

Comments on: "Overcoming my fear of Drawing Faces" (2)

  1. Beautiful!! So good to face creative fears like that… I remember many years ago being afraid of colour! And fiercely set about immersing myself in colour exercises to attempt to overcome it… Now, I think my use of colours are even part of my signature as an artist… or so I have been told 🙂 That always makes me smile, knowing how I too, had to face my fear!

    • Alix, thanks so much for your response…and for sharing your fear as well…I really want to do the same thing and have faces be more a part of my work…I just have to KEEP getting over the fear as it is not a once done deal….it’s a work in progress…

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