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Final Tip for Multi-media Artists…

First I have to share our first spring roses…..
First batch of spring roses

Finally the 5th tip I have for us all for Multi-tasking as a Multi-Media Artist:

    5.   Find those moments…(Reading Creative Illustration Workshop)

This is an easy one…find five minutes here and there to create when you are multi-tasking

The other day I was waiting for my husband to get ready to go out and run errands, so I got one square done on a the geometrical square piece you saw earlier.  My son had an orthodontist appointment and I emailed three artists from Cloth Paper Scissors on my phone.  Not to mention taking my journal with me everywhere I go for ideas and inspiration. 

It takes five minutes to put a layer of paint on a piece, wipe it off to your satisfaction, maybe add more here and there then leave it to dry when the kids are FINALLY ready for soccer practice. 

Use those moments.  I especially love commercial breaks!  Even though we don’t watch much TV….during a commercial I can run down to the studio and get one little thing done, I can work in my business journal or my personal journal….sketch, zentangle or devour a few pages of Somerset or Cloth Paper Scissors….those moments add up to finished pieces and if you’re organized like we talked about in suggestion #3…you’ll already know where everything is!

So there we go…5 ways I stay sane in my ADD Amazon Addicted Artistic Worldwind of a life….

Now nothing I’ve told you here is mind blowing…it may be things we’ve all heard before, but I wanted to share how I personally make use of these techniques in order to keep up with the crazy artistic mind I live in. 

Like they say, So many books, So little time…and each book leads to a project…and each project leads to another inspired idea and so on and so on….so I need some way to keep it all in focus.  I hope seeing the way I handle my crazy world helped you in some small way.

So we have:

1. Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it’s practical

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

3. If there’s paint in that brush use it!  Waste not, Want Not!

4. Ask for Help

5. Find those moments and use them!

However, If I had to pick one tip to stick with out of our five, it would be  ASK FOR HELP! We are not alone….we’re in this together….let’s comment, let’s critique kindly, let’s support without jealousy, let’s share abundantly, let’s take care of each other.  We are Artists…We are family.

Peace and Light….Windy Kai

Stages in a piece inspired by Art at the Speed of Life

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These are the stages in a piece inspired by Art at the Speed of Life…

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Stage Four

Stage Five

Stage Six

Stage Seven


Completed Image

4th tip Video Ready

Yes, it only took literally 24 hours to process and download an 11 min video to You Tube but we did it and it’s now available in yesterday’s post. Have fun!

4th tip for multi-tasking Multi-Media

4th tip! ASK FOR HELP!


In this video you will see:

  • How important it is that we work as a community and help each other out!
  • How to Facebook and contact artists/authors for their help
  • A great resource in April Bowles…her site is
  • And example of my helping another local artist by collaborating on a piece together.  If you have a great idea and there’s one part of the installation you aren’t an expert at, get with an artist friend who is and work together!

This video is about being an artistic family even over the wide world of cyberspace!!

Let’s comment, lets contact, let’s care about each other’s careers and lives!

Peace and Light!  Windy Kai

IF there’s paint left in that brush…USE IT! 3rd Tip for Multi-Tasking Multi-Media Artists

OK so let’s recap…..Multi-tasking as a Multi-Media Artist!

1. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s practical… 

2. Get out the duct tape and divide up that room….If you can’t see it you won’t use it…Out of sight out of mind… Collage Lab by Bee Shay

OK today we’re on number 3 of Multi-tasking as a Multi-Media Artist

3.  If there’s paint in that brush use it!!  Waste not, Want not….With Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker

Forgive the Silver Patron shirt in the video!  I won’t lie…it’s one of my favorites!!!

  • Things you’ll learn in this video…
  • 1. Creating a Substrate
  • 2. Book: Art at the Speed of Life
  • 3.  Why Home Depot is the coolest store ever for under-funded artists
  • 4. How paper towels can be so cool!!
  • 5. Don’t put that brush in water until it is as empty as it gets! 
  • 6. And you don’t have to always use expensive products to do the cool projects in these great books!





IF there’s paint in that brush USE IT!!


A substrate I’m working on for Art at the Speed of Life…love the background, we’ll see what the foreground has to hold!! But I didn’t waste an ounce!!




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