Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…



Click here to visit Heartmade.

Mayi Carles and Heartmade has literally contributed to who I am as an artist and as a person!  If you need a creative coach or just some cute headbands or even a nice recipe….or you need help getting organized (she has some great downloads!!) visit!!!


Artella is one of the most energetic and fun resources I have for you next to Mayi! Talk about some workshops…teleclasses, online workshops, and many are FREE!!!  Give them a try and you won’t be sorry!!  Too much fun!!!  Click Here or on the above images for more information and lots of freebies!!  And you can train with the ATC training program to be a creative coach!  Click the large image above for more information on the classes!

Everyone has to have Chris Guillebeau & Zoë Westhof’s  Art & Money. The Unconventional Guides Product Page changing my life! They talk about artists making money ….enough to support themselves….NO WAY!!  They claim the term “Starving Artist” is a MYTH!!.  They give you specifics, not just theories and I mean a literal chart of the pros and cons of every popular online gallery along with their links to help you decide where to post!!  They keep nothing to themselves.  They will help you make money!!  So if you’re ready to start making money…..” Unconventional Guides Product Page“…CLICK HERE!


Mad Mimi Email Marketing

Mad Mimi is an amazing web-based e-mail resource that helped me actually learn how to send out a newsletter myself!  If I can do it through Mimi…anyone can!!!  It allows you to personalize your newsletters, even set up RSS feeds to automatically send out your last three blog entries every week on its own!  You can even track and see where your newsletters went and who’s reading and who’s not and who’s not getting your emails!!  Customer service ROCKS as well!!  (Real Time chat answers any question you have!!!)  Click Here if you want to sign up!!


Want to be inspired?  Look no further!  Kelly Rae Roberts, the author of Taking Flight will let you soar!

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