Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Fine Art mixed with the Fine Art of Life…


The ABC’s of ART

Week of Jan 7 – Jan 11


Your Student’s Gridded Portrait Work!!

TEKS for Week of Jan 7-11

(A) create artworks based on direct observations, personal experience, and imagination;

(B) incorporate design into artworks for use in everyday life; and

(C) produce drawings, paintings, using a variety of art materials and tools in traditional and experimental ways.

Mon-Fri ADV & Intro:

We Will: Discover the art of abstract face painting taking our knowledge of Realism and applying it to the abstract.

I Will: Paint an Abstract Style Face

Abstract Portrait

Coming Up In the New Year!

Puddle Art

Abstract Faces

<p style=”text-align:center;”>

Gyotoko Fish Printing

Magazine Collage Landscapes and Portraits


Progress on our Starry Night Square by Square, Can’t wait to see the final product!!!

Good luck to all Houses this week! Go Blue, Green, Red and Black!

Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.

~Terri Guillemets

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

~ Pablo Picasso(Pablo Ruiz y Picasso), 1881-1973,

Monday through Friday all students will receive a participation grade for their work.

Want to help out? We need magazines, Think about us before you throw away anything!!! 🙂

Click Here for a Facial Proportion Worksheet

Mrs. Sav’s Bowl….Not completed but on it’s way….

As students complete their magazine bowl they will begin a small project using the Element of space in the background of a grid design. Below is an example. You’ll see a full explaination of Space as an element on the chart below as well.


Shape Collages

Both Intro and Advanced students will review and learn the process of drawing the features of the human face. We will learn the process of drawing the features of the human face including blending, shading and light. I will draw the human mouth and nose.

How to Draw the Human Face on Prezi

R ules are to be followed

E yes and ears

S peak with a kind tone

P ick up trash

E xpect success

C omplete assignments

T reat others as you wish to be treated


7th and 8th grade ART TEKS


Peace Tree

March 3..progress, progress, progress… From this….

To THIS!!!!!


Comments on: "STUDENT WORK" (5)

  1. Great Altered Books! I am going to try to do a project like this next year with my students 6-8th. Can you give me any hints on how to get them started? Are there any good resources you would recommend?


  2. catherine williams said:

    I am thrilled with ms savarese! I have never seen such an enthusiastic art teacher! My child loves this class! Thank you so much for giving of your talents so that others may grow and learn!

  3. Mrs Savarese is extraordinary!! She makes the class FUN, comfortable, chill. The environment is Great, and Sav tends to tell the students how talented they are, so Look who taught them! It takes an artist to know an artist and She and All the students are talented. The kids that didnt choose to be in her class, that ended up in it, just got lucky!! So to them and the other kids: Take advantage of the time you have in her class, because in the End it’ll all be worth it and I can promise you Will learn something from her, something unforgettably positive. Mrs Sav is PEACE that spreads like wild fire!! Her spirit is bright, and she is a person you want to be around So you students best get along with her!

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