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New Book “Box” Commission for Antique Shop

Just the beginning…much more to come!

More Antique Finds…UGH! Do you LOVE the Box, or what???

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Yes the antique store owner almost cried when I bought the box.  They literally waved good-bye to it…not me…the box!! 🙂

Peace and light at always!!  Windy Kai

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Recent Work

I did this actually in my journal along with my students as I was teaching them about Color Blocking….it ended up framed and up for sale…  You never know what your journal will bring you.

Soon to be listed on White Pines Gallery

Coming Up….1.  Goodies from Antique Shopping in Canton and 2. The last in our video series of Multi-tasking for the Multi-Media Artist…so keep coming back!!!

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Peace and Light to everyone!  Hope your weekend was as great as mine…can’t wait to share my Canton antique finds with you all!

Windy Kai

Antique Shopping!!

OH, I went to the antique fair, Funky Finds AND the weekly flea

market down in Ft. Worth today (with a budget from my husband,

of course) and got the greatest stuff to store my art supplies

in, (a type tray which I can never pass up and an old silverware

drawer set) not to mention some antique Milagros (Miracles) for

some very special people in my life, plus a few  for my art from


WOW…what a dreamy morning!

Catholic art from Honduras



Amazing box from India

Assemblage Work: Fun in the Forties

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