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Meaningful Life=Meaningful Creation

“The centerpiece of a meaningful life for creators is meaningful creating.”
Eric Maisel

The above quote is from Eric Maisel’s book, Van Gough Blues, in which Maisel asserts that very often, depression in creative people can often be remedied by re-discovering the meaning in one’s life and one’s art. I certainly resonate with this idea, and believe that it is important for our creative projects to have personal meaning, on one level or another.

Very often, meaningful creative intentions are the bridge between thinking, “Oh, I wish I had more time to do creative things” and actually taking the time to engage in a regular practice of creativity.

What do I mean by “meaningful creative intentions”? It’s simple: projects that provide personal meaning for you, outside of simply just being “creative”, are YOUR meaningful creative intentions. Examples include things like:

  • making handmade gifts for others
  • creating for charity
  • creating handmade items to decorate your home
  • creating art to honor someone’s memory
  • participating in a creative collaboration
  • creating with a larger goal in mind

These projects can be fun, simple, and spontaneous. Sometimes projects that are “out of the blue” are, indeed, the very best way to get “out of the blues”.

Creativity, meaning, and time dance together in an unavoidable and rather effective cycle: the more meaningful your creative projects are to you, the more you’re likely to engage in them. Then, the more you are engaging your creativity, the more creative ideas you’ll be having for more meaningful creative projects.

In other words, creativity begets creativity! And, of course, regularly making the time for your creativity cements its importance in your life.

If you would like more support in engaging in meaningful creative projects, this Artellagram includes several resources that might be helpful. SARK’s Dream Boogie is still open for enrollment until Tuesday, and is a fabulous opportunity to diving into your creativity heart-first. Also, the free Conscious Awakenings Life Purpose Telesummit that begins next week is overflowing with inspiration for connecting to what really matters most. And the calendART project in the Creativity Tips section is a practical way to bring more meaningful creativity in your day to day life. Information about all these nifty adventures follows below!

For those short on time, to simplify this week’s Artellagram, here are some ”quick links” to the highlights in this edition. You can simply follow the links that you’re interested in and go directly to that section.

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