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Featured member on Artspan

Well I was so thrilled to have a piece featured on Red Bubble last week only to find that I’m a featured ARTIST on ARtspan this week…  Check out

I guess the stars are all in alignment for me….now I just have to keep working hard….not not working….HAVING FUN!  And isn’t it nice to get recognized for having fun!!!   WK

Prints of Hummingbird Studios Work

You can now buy prints (or originals) of ALL my work at…there’s even a printshop that shows you mat and frame options along with even the color of your wall to see how it will look! It’s so fun! Go take a look at

I found this sight through ART and MONEY….for more great info…you HAVE to have their book if you are new starting out.  They walk you through selling your art step by step.  For beginners and veterans alike…I didn’t even know little print places like this were on line and it’s VERY affordable…I mean you can put your wall color back there to see how it will look…I love technology!!!

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