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Hummingbird Vine

Well, Hummingbird Studios has had some trouble getting some actual HUMMINGBIRDS to show up this year…so my sweet sweet husband brought home a Hummingbird Vine that he ordered off the internet that is supposedly GUARANTEED to bring my baby birds around….he handed the box to me and said….” You can’t have Hummingbird Studios without Hummingbirds.”  SOOOOO ROMANTIC…… The only problem was the box got delayed in the mail so the plant looked…what’s the word…DEAD!!!  But the roots looked great and it’s now planted and I’m sending all my positive energy to it and I just know it will turn from

the sad little fellow you see here…

                                       into THIS….

If you have any experience with these vines I would LOVE to hear about it….so comment below!!

As always Peace and Light… WK

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