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Ft. Worth Art Show with Paragon Shows, Some GREAT Artists & a Frugal Art Fair Tip!!!

Hi and good morning!  Hope all is well on your end….I had a show this weekend with Paragon Shows in Ft. Worth.  First of all I must say, out of all the shows I’ve done, this was by far the most talented group of artists I’ve ever come across!  There were some amazing folks!  So I’m going to give you a list for some eye candy!







  • (My Fav!)

  • (A Fan that stopped by)

  • (Traded a painting for a GREAT bracelet)

    Now, after showing what talent was available, it was a shame that the weather and location did not do us any favors.  There was a lot a GREAT art, some great organization by Bill Kinney with Paragon, just not a lot of traffic.  The weather kept people away and we just weren’t in a very visible location, so needless to say it wasn’t our best show or anyone’s best show for that matter, but I was very lucky to have some very talented artists come by and “critique” my work and give me some inspiration for new directions!  See my next post for my newest piece beginnings!


    Now I never leave a show without a frugal tip from an artist.  Stewart Rein (website above) was next to us and said that he used to travel with propanels but that he began to travel alone and just needed to downsize both weight and size wise.  But he wanted his booth to “appear” bigger, so he created these great panels the “V” out on each side creating a larger look for his booth…here are the panels created with PVC Pipe and a “pillow case” that is slipped over them.  EASY AS PIE and created a larger tent look!



    Now for a NOT SO FRUGAL very cool idea….one painter M. Carla (website above) stored and transported her paintings in this GREAT Crate that she had made for her.  My husband got inspired and it starting a very small version for me!  I’m so so lucky! 

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    Love and Light….WK

    Stay tuned for my newest piece step by step!!

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