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Guest Post from DeAnne Williamson

Humming Bird - Texas

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Today’s guest post is from DeAnne Williamson and you can see her AMAZING ART at  She’s amazing!  I’ve just “met” her online and I love her….plus she was writing about hummingbirds so I couldn’t resits…but go take a look at some of her art!  You won’t be disappointed!


We All Have Wings, But Some of

Us Don’t Know Why

Quick as a hummingbird is my love,
Dipping into the hearts of flowers–
She darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly
Dipping into the flowers of my heart.
-James Oppenheim
Something really amazing has been happening for the last few weeks. A hummingbird has laid her eggs in a nest on my front porch. She built the tiny nest in a large potted tree of ours. I can’t even describe how moving this event has been for me and my family. But to even begin to explain, I must tell you that I have always had a deep and mystical relationship with hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Love

I’m not even sure when it began. I just seem to encounter hummingbirds with surprising regularity and in strange and profound ways. More often than I can even relate, hummingbirds have appeared before my eyes and hovered for a slightly longer-than-normal moment, and then just as swiftly flown away. And it always seems to be during some heavy brain activity I have going on; decision-making, life turning points, sadness, joy.
Hummingbirds are such interesting and lovely creatures. Because of the fast beat of their wings, they are often a symbol of joy, vigor and energy. Because of the length of their sharp beaks, they are also a symbol of sexuality or warfare. And they are the only birds who can fly backwards due to their ability to hover so they are also often used as symbols of one’s past or history. I have painted them a lot due to the strong ideas they represent. Here is a recent painting “She Dances With Ghosts” where I used a hummingbird to symbolize the past.
But the bottom line for me is that I just love them. When a hummingbird appears in front of me, it instantly brings me joy. It makes me think of the loved ones I have lost and the loved ones I still have in this world. It makes me think of life and love and beauty and art. And how amazing nature is. It makes me marvel at how this tiny little creature can move with such swiftness and beauty and in one quick instant, can bring such joy and profound emotion. 
I don’t discount this relationship I have with hummingbirds as one of chance. It’s happened way too often to be a coincidence. I have encountered them here a lot near my home but I have also encountered them while I’ve been traveling so I think it’s significant. And maybe I’m just more aware of it now. But regardless of the reason, I believe they are an important symbol in my life. I believe all things happen for a reason. And I will always keep these little winged angels fluttering about in my heart. Especially this little tiny one who was born on my front porch. I named him Hubbell.



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