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New Art Supplies from Derwent Inktense and Balzar Design with Crafter’s Workshop helping me with my fear of painting faces!

Now just for fun I ordered some new stencils for Face Painting. From Crafter’s Workshop, Balzar Design, these too too fun stencils can help you create faces in a snap!

stencil 1 stencil 2 stencil 3

Now watch these videos and see what fun you can have with them!

I’ve only had a chance to play a little but this is what I’ve come up with….Which also helps with my “fear of Painting faces” as I’ve mentioned numerous times before!

Now Another great Product I”ve recently discovered are InkTense pencils put out by Derwent.  Now these are NOT cheap tools, but so far I can tell they are going to last a very long time and they’re so much fun they’re worth every penny.  They are much, well, exactly like WaterColor pencils, except with vibrant Inks and wow are they have made my Christmas break…I can’t stop using them!  As with Water Color pencils you can use them on their own as a pencil (boring in my humble opinion when that’s what Prismacolors are for!)  You can dip the tip in water and draw…amazing, you can draw with the pencil and spray with water for a great effect or draw with the pencil and brush over with a wet brush for an amazing result!  (My favorite!)  So below is a piece I just finished using mostly the pencils over canvas, molding paste and vintage papers.



So these are my new Toys and I hope you enjoy them as well!

If you got any new art toys for Christmas PLEASE share them in the comment section below, maybe a sample of you playing around with them and a link or name we could google so we can play too!  Would love to hear about some other new products (or at least new to me!)

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Love and Light….WK

Painting Faces, my greatest fear and weakness!! Plus a new work completed…

Well, Hello and I Hope your day is amazing!! My day ends with a piece completed!!

With some fun stuff added that I don’t normally do.  I wrote in the molding paste with the end of my paint brush, both Peace and Let It Be, along with some dried petals added to the piece using a heavy gel medium, but my favorite part is this little pin that I purchased at a vintage shop.  It’s meant to be a lapel pin that you can put water in and a small flower…how cool is that!!  So I pinned it in my canvas with the dried flowers so that one can add a fresh flower when wanted, and if you don’t put in a fresh flower, it’s just a nice looking bottle on the canvas!  Here are some pics….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m also going to share with you my biggest fear and weakness!!  Painting Faces….I’ve gotten really good, well good,  at drawing faces but painting is a whole new animal.  So far I’ve painted two portraits and one I love, the other was an experiment.  I love this style…..

So I was going for the style of brush strokes in Black and White, not trying to paint Audrey Hepburn, I’m not up for that 🙂 but painting a generic face and this is what I came up with….

As you can see I’ve got alot of work to do and it took everything I had to share this with you today!  I’ll be doing ALOT of work on faces in between my beloved abstracts because I love the animated, large eyes, large brush strokes look very much and I just love playing with it no matter how it turns out.  Remember, it’s the process NOT the product…..

SOOOO, what’s your biggest fear in YOUR artwork….I would love to hear about it…We’re all in this together!

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As always, Peace and Light to you…WK

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