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Featured member on Artspan

Well I was so thrilled to have a piece featured on Red Bubble last week only to find that I’m a featured ARTIST on ARtspan this week…  Check out

I guess the stars are all in alignment for me….now I just have to keep working hard….not not working….HAVING FUN!  And isn’t it nice to get recognized for having fun!!!   WK

Using the same technique with different mediums….what in the world will happen?

I’ve fallen so in love with Encaustic lately but I still love my acrylic technique so much, so I’m just going for it and playing around….remember to always just play and have fun!! so here I am playing around with using the exact same taping and collaging techniques except using encaustic instead of acrylic.  If you look at a lot of my shape based pieces you’ll see I”ll focus on either triangles, squares or rectangles….well with this encaustic piece I not only set aside the acrylic but used both squares and triangles….How DARE I????   🙂  But it was so so fun….so here is the result, let me know what you think and  leave a comment or “Like” it or just look at it and say “what the heck was she thinking”…..but just have a look ….. that’s all we should care about is putting what the muses give us on the substrate given us, whether it’s canvas, wood or notebook paper, then let others do what they will with it….(but I do love my comments I must say!!! 🙂  Peace and Light to you my friend.  WK

When transfers goes wrong but oh, so right!

Well, I Had great ideas for a transfer on top of this piece and it didn’t quite work out, however, the end result did!  Remember JUST PLAY and see what happens and I did with only a little fear (I wish I could say I was fearless trying to put on the transfer) but the texture was just not smooth enough so the transfer didn’t take, but to my surprise I fell in love with the final result.  The majority of this encaustic is with hand made encaustic using the tip I gave in the earlier post……and the substrate is wood remnants from home depot just happening to equal 24″x18″  yeah!!  So this piece of encaustic was not only fun but cheap….however I must admit I do want to go buy some encaustic board to work on a smoother surface to experiment some more with transfers….  But here’s the final product and will go up for sale on and Prints at Red Bubble

Another piece that was just PLAYING AROUND ( do you sense a theme growing here???)

Also check out for some amazing encaustic work!

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What happens when schools out for summer?

You  get a LOT of work done….this is a piece I was working on before my sunset inspired me and I finally got it done tonight.  I expanded on my cubist theme and added some beading which you see in the close ups. I love my beads…my husband hates them!!!  I also added foam board to create two different layers on the board.  By the way my husband also hated this….have I mentioned my husband has terrible taste in art!!!  Seriously I love to hear his input because it’s so different from mine and he keeps me grounded.  So below is the result of my next cubist inspired piece to add to my collection.  I’m really obsessed with this but it’s also nice to be creating a nice cohesive body of work considering how ADD I usually am….but don’t forget Windy you’re also playing around with encaustic on the side…so the  ADD isn’t completely gone and probably never will be!

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When creating art…why just play? PLUS a little trick….

When creating art why just relax and play….BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE…FUN!  If you’ve been reading you know I’ve been just playing around with encaustic.  And just a list tip…Encaustics are EXPENSIVE….so I have a little tip….

  • If you take beeswax that you can by at any art or hobby store…mix a small amount of the beeswax with an artist oil pastel (I got the cheap kind knowing what I would be doing with it)  Let it melt and mix…it works like a charm and you have all the colors you want without spending $60 for 6 colors….  just a little tip


NOW, don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brand of Encaustic shown and that’s the starter kit I got….I love them but they are pricy to say the least so if you’re playing…like me….some cheaper alternatives are nice.

So I’m driving home from seeing my parents the other night and the sun was setting in such a way the it looked like a trophy descending from the sky…..the sun with the beam of rays coming out in triangle form was just breathtaking and since I’m not the type to come home, whip out my oil paints and create a life-like representation…if you know me I’m just not built that way….it has to be weird and have a little bit of my touch of crazy so here’s my encaustic sunset.  The biggest complement I got, from my husband who although is my biggest fan highly prefers me sitting down and doing a representational oil painting that looks like a photograph….anyway he said…it looks like a trophy!!!  I squealed and said “That’s exactly what it looked like!!!  Thank you!!”  He looked at me like I was crazy thinking…that wasn’t meant to be a compliment but it was to me!!!  My husband paints too and you should see the two of us at an art festival together….it’s hysterical!!  We can’t find each other because we’re always stopping at different tents with exact opposite art!!

But anyway…here’s my crazy version of the sunset and I hope you like it as much as I had fun playing making it.  This is my first BIG encaustic piece.  The others were small 6”x4” boards.  This is 24”x 18″…. So this was a big step for me…

So if you want to play with encaustic, try the tip I gave above and go at it.  You may just fall in love as I have.  A good book to look at as well is

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Layering Encaustic

As you know, I am literally just playing around with Encaustic right now with no classes or anything.  I did find a  great class in July that I plan to take to REALLY learn how to use it but I figure there’s no harm in playing until then!

  • I did read you can make your own encaustic bars with beeswax and artists oil pastels…it works great!  It’s a very inexpensive alternative!
























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First Encaustics

This is my first attempt at playing around with Encaustic….

I LOVE IT!!!!! And can’t wait to play more!!!

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