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A frugal Blog….I have to share…

Hi you,   As you know I try to really do everything in the most frugal way possible and I try to pass on little frugal tricks here and there and along the way this blog has linked to us and I want to share….

If you want some great deal visit them!

If you want to continue to get frugal tips on getting ready for outdoor art fairs then stay tuned because we have a great video coming up this weekend!!!  So stay tuned!

Love and light to you always, WK

Antique Shopping!!

OH, I went to the antique fair, Funky Finds AND the weekly flea

market down in Ft. Worth today (with a budget from my husband,

of course) and got the greatest stuff to store my art supplies

in, (a type tray which I can never pass up and an old silverware

drawer set) not to mention some antique Milagros (Miracles) for

some very special people in my life, plus a few  for my art from


WOW…what a dreamy morning!

Catholic art from Honduras



Amazing box from India

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