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My New Diggs

Well, for awhile now I’ve struggled with an EZ up tent, well several of them as they kept breaking) and mooning over and over about how lovely pro-panels looked and my CPA ie my husband…..asured me that simply couldn’t take the “Plunge” to buy ALL new equipment, let alone top of the line items like Flourish TrimLine Tents or anough Pro-Panels to fill my tent.  You see up until now I had prided myself on being the frugal art insider….and believe me I won’t dissapoint you.  This was a gift from a Greater Source…My God is taking care of me!

After looking online at,( if you haven’t discovered this site, go directly to it!! after you  finish reading my post  🙂 ) I found plenty of tents for sale or panels for sale but shipping would kill us…so my brilliant husband said check Craig’s list, that’s local.  I told him I had already checked many times.  His response…”Check again.”

And to our surprise in our own city we found not only a tent, not only the panels but BOTH for literally less than a third of what they would cost new….and no they were not beat up and used even five times, NO…ONCE!!!!!  

So although I have the newest toys, I will still be the frugal queen….in fact this is my biggest frugal aquisition of all!!!

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As always, Love and Light…..WK

What is inspiring me now….

I don’t know how to start talking about this book.  The quotes I’m afraid if I began listing, the entire book would be there for you.

It’s changed my life and my outlook and I’m so blessed that the Universe led me to this writer, whom I”m now in love with, and the words he had to share.  Thank you muses, God, Angels, or whatever you may call them, they wrote this book, they created my last piece.  The trick of The War of Art is how to get out of their way and your own and get to the work that they have planned for you..  I’ve never worked harder than while reading this book.  I just may have to read it again to get ready for a show 🙂 Enjoy and please take part in the poll below.  Would love to hear from other readers whether it affected you in the same way it did me or if it bored y ou to tears…. But for me one paraphrase….Our job is to find out who we are and get busy becoming that person.  How can I stay out of the studio after reading that!

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

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