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What the heck is Digg?

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Well, I’ve been doing some reading and it seems Digg is a good way to get your site out there.  So please take a look at mine and click DUGG on mine and then add your own site in so people can find you as well.   My Digg site is

Windy Kai: Hummingbird Studios: Mixed Media Art


So give it a click and then add your own.  And then I can “DIGG” YOU TOO.   If you set up a Digg account, comment on this post and I’ll go Digg your site too!!!  So let’s just roll up our sleaves and DIGG in together!!!!

Affordable Art

I’ve recently made all my art available in print form in a VARIETY of sizes at…just click on GALLERY SHOP above in the NAVIGATION BAR and any of my pieces are available in original or print form. You can also choose matting and frames in the frame shop!! Not to mention putting in your wall color to see how the piece will look on your wall! How great is that??

Well I also found some fun boutique items that are even more affordable…So when you click BOUTIQUE SHOP above in the NAVIGATION BAR…you’ll find….

cube collage cardsNotecards & Post Cards

Lotus bagsBags

DSC00069 mousepads Mouse Pads

angle abstract ipad/iphone casesEven personalized Phone Cases

(And MUCH more than I listed here)….So if you want Prints and Originals click on GALLERY SHOP above in the navigation bar….if you want some cute cards, bags and sweet novelty items and gifts click on BOUTIQUE SHOP above in the navigation bar… You’ll love the things you find in either place! Enjoy!

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