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First Outdoor Art Show

Well our first outdoor show and it was a great experience overall….the 50,000 crowd they promised was more like 5000 and I only sold three prints, but the guy next to me said he’s been doing this 25 years and it just wasn’t a good show.  He only sold one hand bag and a dress (to me!!)  All the artists were AMAZING, the setup was intense but the day was lovely and my husband and I truly enjoyed ourselves and thought….we could do this for the rest of our lives…but the end of the evening came with the first rain TX has seen in MONTHS leaving us rapidly pulling down the tent and art and rushing with the help of the other artists…like I said they were AWESOME….to cover my work and load the truck.  So although the ending was not one of fairy tales, our hearts are not changed.  We loved it and plan to do many many more.  And that’s what it’s all about anyway….the sales are nice but doing something that I love along side my husband….that you just can’t beat!!!

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