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What were you up to this weekend?

Hey you….what were you up to this weekend?  I was lucky enough to….

1.  get to drive up to Hot Springs Arkansas where my work will now be hanging in the Legacy Fine Art gallery.  They have a ton a ton of galleries and they do a gallery walk first Friday of every month, so the galleries get a lot of views especially during the holidays and race season.

 2.  Stay in a lovely hotel with a great discount from the gallery except the kicker was that is was almost 100 years old with everything

Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center located in H...
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from an old fashioned see through mail drop to still using REAL KEYS!!!  Imagine that….but with the 100 year old atmosphere, no matter how fancy you cannot take the “creep” factor away….that place felt so haunted it wasn’t even funny!  If you don’t believe in that sort of thing that’s ok, but I got the creeps and the room wouldn’t warm up!!  Was it Room 1408 with John Cusack….no…but the creep factor was there not to mention clothes that were not folded the night before were folded when we woke up on the edge of the bed.   TRUE STORY…..At least the ghost was thoughtful.  🙂 They even had a walking haunted tour and I didn’t want to go on it for fear there would be the inevitable stop at our hotel.  But BOY was the hotel georgous and those Arkansas people know how to party, keep late hours and they LOVE Halloween. Which might have something to do with the ghost in our room!! 🙂  They have the greatest shops, bath spas and yes I partook of both shopping (more than my husband would have liked) and the bath spas with the healing waters from the hot springs.   So besides the creepy haunted room with a thoughtful ghost, it was AMAZING.  If you haven’t visited Hot Springs…. GO and GO NOW…and take a stop at Legacy Art Gallery to peruse my work.  See the hotel and our haunted room along with the beautiful scenery,( who knew leaves had colors other than brown and green??) see below…..


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3.  I finished another piece today, my biggest to date at 56″x56″….I had such fun with it and can’t wait to get it online.  I used lot’s of old techniques and some new ones.  Much fun was had and I hope it shows when you look at it.

Ok you, that’s what I did this weekend, comment and tell me about yours!!!!  And don’t forget I’ll be at Winnsboro Art Festival this weekend!!!  Hope to see you there.  Peace and light as always….WK

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