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Ok, so I’m off on “VACAY” and am having withdrawals from being in my studio so I’m absorbing myself into my journal (iona handcrafted books, Scroll down to see her website on the sidebar, I’ll never use another journal again! 

You KNOW I’m very frugal and try to give as many tips as I can on how to save money in art, but on my journal, I SPLURGE and it’s worth every penny!) anyway, just getting back down to basic sketching which I haven’t done in ahwile…and doing my morning pages which would make Julia Cameron  proud…so although my paints aren’t with me I’m still having fun and playing, which is what it’s all about anyway….as you all know my motto…Play and have fun!! 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, just let your muses do their job and you do yours by enjoying every moment, so here are some pics of my sketches and my hubby and I on the beach….So if you feel compelled to comment or LIke or rate this post, supe!  If not just have fun and enjoy your own art.  Visit me on Facebook at Windykai: hummingbirdStudios and “Like” us if you wish and take a look around….or share your facebook with me if you’d like, I’d love to hear from you!  Peace and light my friend….WK

Final Tip for Multi-media Artists…

First I have to share our first spring roses…..
First batch of spring roses

Finally the 5th tip I have for us all for Multi-tasking as a Multi-Media Artist:

    5.   Find those moments…(Reading Creative Illustration Workshop)

This is an easy one…find five minutes here and there to create when you are multi-tasking

The other day I was waiting for my husband to get ready to go out and run errands, so I got one square done on a the geometrical square piece you saw earlier.  My son had an orthodontist appointment and I emailed three artists from Cloth Paper Scissors on my phone.  Not to mention taking my journal with me everywhere I go for ideas and inspiration. 

It takes five minutes to put a layer of paint on a piece, wipe it off to your satisfaction, maybe add more here and there then leave it to dry when the kids are FINALLY ready for soccer practice. 

Use those moments.  I especially love commercial breaks!  Even though we don’t watch much TV….during a commercial I can run down to the studio and get one little thing done, I can work in my business journal or my personal journal….sketch, zentangle or devour a few pages of Somerset or Cloth Paper Scissors….those moments add up to finished pieces and if you’re organized like we talked about in suggestion #3…you’ll already know where everything is!

So there we go…5 ways I stay sane in my ADD Amazon Addicted Artistic Worldwind of a life….

Now nothing I’ve told you here is mind blowing…it may be things we’ve all heard before, but I wanted to share how I personally make use of these techniques in order to keep up with the crazy artistic mind I live in. 

Like they say, So many books, So little time…and each book leads to a project…and each project leads to another inspired idea and so on and so on….so I need some way to keep it all in focus.  I hope seeing the way I handle my crazy world helped you in some small way.

So we have:

1. Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it’s practical

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

3. If there’s paint in that brush use it!  Waste not, Want Not!

4. Ask for Help

5. Find those moments and use them!

However, If I had to pick one tip to stick with out of our five, it would be  ASK FOR HELP! We are not alone….we’re in this together….let’s comment, let’s critique kindly, let’s support without jealousy, let’s share abundantly, let’s take care of each other.  We are Artists…We are family.

Peace and Light….Windy Kai

Recent Work

I did this actually in my journal along with my students as I was teaching them about Color Blocking….it ended up framed and up for sale…  You never know what your journal will bring you.

Soon to be listed on White Pines Gallery

Coming Up….1.  Goodies from Antique Shopping in Canton and 2. The last in our video series of Multi-tasking for the Multi-Media Artist…so keep coming back!!!

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Peace and Light to everyone!  Hope your weekend was as great as mine…can’t wait to share my Canton antique finds with you all!

Windy Kai

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