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First Article on the Gallery Opening

Check out for the first article on CBS 11 about the gallery opening!  The video has yet to be added, but he said that would be up soon.  They are coming to my studio in an hour and a half to do a feature Artist Profile on me that will run Tuesday!  So a very small gallery opening has turned into two very nice stories and I’m just honored that they asked me to participate in both the gallery opening and a personal interview.  I’ll post Tuesday’s story on me as soon as I get it…I guess I should go take a shower now!!! 🙂

Be sure to click Share on Facebook at the bottom of the article…let’s spread the news about this wonderful therapy group that focuses on Art as a means of communication…that’s what we as artists do!…let’s support them in teaching children and adults to do the same!

 Peace and Light to You!  WK

Gallery Opening Update…

This is just a quick opening to how the Gallery opening went….there is much more to come…just a hint…(there were TV camera’s involved!!!) but this is myself and the gallery owner Beth in front of a few of my pieces…a link to the news story will be coming soon AND even more of a surprise (to myself mostly) is also forthcoming…stay tuned!!

Gallery Opening

Ok, I have my Galley Opening tonight at Mistletoe Gallery. Yes I’m nervous.

It’s actually a small gallery that is in a Medical Area and they use Art for Therapy so they wanted an adjacent art gallery for their patients that they are working with to see how art can be used to express themselves in many ways.

So it’s actually not just about looking at the art and selling it (which would be nice as well, I’m not complaining 🙂 but it’s also in an environment where art is being seen for it’s real value…expression and beauty from within yourself. So that adds to my excitement!

The show runs until June 30th, so I’ll have pictures up on tomorrow’s post.

These are the pieces they asked for:

2nd in a series of floral collages

3rd in a floral collage series



So as you can see they went very floral and “naturey” with the exhibit.   The other artist does much more formal floral and tree work so the contrast is interesting.  Should be fun!

I hope you are doing well and your day is AMAZING! You deserve it! WK

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