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Ok, so I’m off on “VACAY” and am having withdrawals from being in my studio so I’m absorbing myself into my journal (iona handcrafted books, Scroll down to see her website on the sidebar, I’ll never use another journal again! 

You KNOW I’m very frugal and try to give as many tips as I can on how to save money in art, but on my journal, I SPLURGE and it’s worth every penny!) anyway, just getting back down to basic sketching which I haven’t done in ahwile…and doing my morning pages which would make Julia Cameron  proud…so although my paints aren’t with me I’m still having fun and playing, which is what it’s all about anyway….as you all know my motto…Play and have fun!! 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, just let your muses do their job and you do yours by enjoying every moment, so here are some pics of my sketches and my hubby and I on the beach….So if you feel compelled to comment or LIke or rate this post, supe!  If not just have fun and enjoy your own art.  Visit me on Facebook at Windykai: hummingbirdStudios and “Like” us if you wish and take a look around….or share your facebook with me if you’d like, I’d love to hear from you!  Peace and light my friend….WK

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