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First Tip for Multi-tasking Multi-media

Number 1…We all know that when organizing things…the way that

looks the prettiest is not always the way it works the best.  It might look

lovely to have your carving tools in a nice little bowl you made yourself

 looking all Martha Stewart, until you reach for one and cut yourself on the

plethora of upstanding blades!  So the pretty bowl must go or we

must find a way to display them for our own creative purposes (and safety)

and not for the “magazine look”…Yes I found this out the hard way! 🙂

Now DOWN facing blades for block carving! Not as pretty but safer...

However despite this mistake I did manage to carve another hummingbird

last night…

As a last note you never know when those little organizing tips will

jump out at you…I desperately needed to keep about six rolls of

different types of tape together and easy to get to with no

drawer or basket space…then I ran across an extra-large stitch holder

used for knitting (looks like a HUGE safety-pin) so I put them all

on there….voila!  Simple but made my hour!

So today we started with one organizing tip, 1. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s practical… And Practical is a NECESSITY for Multi-Tasking, so this week we’ll start with my first book project Collage Lab.  I’ve already made my own book with this one’s projects…and I’m only a few chapters in.  See you all soon!  Windy

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