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Why You Should “Click” on Facebook Likes…

Ever wonder why we keep asking you to click on the Facebook like “Likes”?

Actually I wasn’t even sure myself but now have the answer. Hint: it makes the item go “viral” and put that post on other sites, insuring that if you are doing some publicity (“I’m going to be at the Ft. Worth Festival of the Arts this week,” e.g.,), your friends find out, their friends find out, etc.

Here’s a video that explains this better:

Why Liking Things on Facebook is more important than you think…

 While you’re reading,…

Read more at the Windy Kai: Hummingbird Studios on Facebook!  And Click LIKE!!!

Yes, this really may seem like a shameless plug to expand my facebook but this goes for all of us artists out there, when anyone clicks LIKE on a post or on Facebook it spreads like wildfire and we help each other out with a simple click.  So Let’s help each other out…..

So get out there to your favorite artist’s posts and facebooks and Click Click Click, Share, Share, Share, Like Like Like!!  Even if it’s not me, go to your favorite artist’s page right now and share a post, like their facebook page….In this crazy world of technology,  We’re all in this together!!  Peace and Light WK

4th tip for multi-tasking Multi-Media

4th tip! ASK FOR HELP!


In this video you will see:

  • How important it is that we work as a community and help each other out!
  • How to Facebook and contact artists/authors for their help
  • A great resource in April Bowles…her site is
  • And example of my helping another local artist by collaborating on a piece together.  If you have a great idea and there’s one part of the installation you aren’t an expert at, get with an artist friend who is and work together!

This video is about being an artistic family even over the wide world of cyberspace!!

Let’s comment, lets contact, let’s care about each other’s careers and lives!

Peace and Light!  Windy Kai

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