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How will my students finish what I’ve begun?

Well, my students have been asked to create two installations for our school!  Given Two large bundles of canvas, Thanks you to our Principal, as we study Shape, one of the Elements of Art, we decide to collage shapes.  You know I’m all about the frugal way to create and these collages are made simply using vintage papers and magazine pages, along with some acrylic paints and paint markers!!!  One installation will be in triangles and the other in rectangles and squares.  We’re using white as I’ve shown below as an example, then reds and browns and greens with the rest  of the canvases.  I can’t WAIT to see what my talented students do to finish what I’ve started!  Stay tuned for the final project.  In  the mean time, these will be made available as prints on Red Bubble and Artspan….  I’ve already had one client inquire as to a purchase, although the orignals are already spoken for and were meant to be hung in the school, they are now asking for prints.  Check out Red Bubble or ArtSpan by clicking the images Below and it will lead you to the opportunity to buy prints….who knows, when the kid’s work is done….. it might be even better!!! 
As Always I Hope all is well with you and I’m sending Love and Light and frugal ways to create….Windy Kai
Click images for  Red Bubble Print

First two panels I made as an example for a student installation

Click image above for Red Bubble Print


2nd Tip for Multi-Tasking Multi-Media

So today we focus on Collage Lab and the second tip….

Here’s a short video I did on my iphone…please forgive the lack of professionalism…it is my first time! I’m working on it…I promise!!  Thanks in Advance for your understanding!

We all know it…but do we DO it….

2.  Out of site, Out of mind…be organized….lay down that duct tape like when we were kids.  You’ve heard or read this before but here’s my take on it….my version of the duct tape…my project shelf.







Up on the shelf nicely in the box with all I need~


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