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Well, for awhile now I’ve struggled with an EZ up tent, well several of them as they kept breaking) and mooning over and over about how lovely pro-panels looked and my CPA ie my husband…..asured me that simply couldn’t take the “Plunge” to buy ALL new equipment, let alone top of the line items like Flourish TrimLine Tents or anough Pro-Panels to fill my tent.  You see up until now I had prided myself on being the frugal art insider….and believe me I won’t dissapoint you.  This was a gift from a Greater Source…My God is taking care of me!

After looking online at,( if you haven’t discovered this site, go directly to it!! after you  finish reading my post  🙂 ) I found plenty of tents for sale or panels for sale but shipping would kill us…so my brilliant husband said check Craig’s list, that’s local.  I told him I had already checked many times.  His response…”Check again.”

And to our surprise in our own city we found not only a tent, not only the panels but BOTH for literally less than a third of what they would cost new….and no they were not beat up and used even five times, NO…ONCE!!!!!  

So although I have the newest toys, I will still be the frugal queen….in fact this is my biggest frugal aquisition of all!!!

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As always, Love and Light…..WK

Almost Ready……in our own frugal way!

We worked and Spent our tails off getting ready for my first outdoor show.  Galleries are so nice and air-conditioned but I’ll have to admit I’m excited about the outdoor experience.  Just lots of water or Dr. Pepper and I’ll be fine. Along with my sweet hubby, you’ll see putting up lights below……also, I was nervous about our panels since we went the frugal way of course and just got closet shelving to hang at $10 a piece instead of MUCH MUCH more for pro-panel, but after putting them up with zip ties non the less, they disappear into the wall of the tent and all you see is my art.  Going cheap can pay off!!!!!    We also lucked out and found good track lighting at only $29 a set and my handy dandy husband hooked the lights up looking all professional.  Heck, It actually looks like we know what we’re doing!!!  Who Knew???  So  here’s a few peeks…..we’ll have the whole tent set up for practice next weekend.  Wow….I’ve never felt more at home…..

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The Frugal way to start showing at Art Festivals: The Panels

OK, so we have our EZ up Tent ordered and even with WWW. WINDYKAI.COM on the awning all for under $250 compared to the expensive brand at well over $800

So now how do we display my art.  The big expensive, and very high quality way to go is through a company called Pro-panels.  They are beautiful, sturdy and extremely expensive for this little girl right now.  Here’s a good look at how nice they are.  And maybe one day I too will be able to afford the best..just not now….

This particular panel runs

  • 30″ wide $105

  • 38.5″ wide $120


It would take about 8 of these to complete a 10×10 tent equaling around $960….well, I don’t have an extra  thousand dollars lying around just yet…like I said, one day. 

BUT FOR NOW….here are some extremely easy, non expensive and attractive alternatives.

This gentleman used concrete support wire to hang his work on.  I would imagine this is a very cheap option at Home Depot.

This tent used all pegboard that runs about 6 dollars for a 4 foot sheet.

These Wire Mesh Panels are another option but run around $3-400  So I’ve decided to go with the next best thing….

SINGLE WIRE MESH PANELS…at Home Depot sold as Closet organizers for $10 for a foot and half panel leaving me to need around nine for a 10 x 10 tent costing less than $100.  We saw several booths at a recent show with these and they look fantastic.  $90 compared to $900…I”m pretty proud of myself…now are they pro panels…no…but for right now on our budget they will do just fine and look very nice until we decide to invest more.  Or, as many of the artists I spoke with at this recent festival, they love their mesh panels and wouldn’t have anything else.  So who knows?

Now for the center to hide the back doorway my handy dandy husband is going to building a little something like this….

With pegboard and S hooks you can do an awful lot and at $6 a sheet and some 2×2 boards along with some very pretty trim I found at home depot meant for home floor or ceiling trim we have a very nice looking, foldable, inexpensive and very versatile additions to our tent.

So I’ve been thinking, how am I going to pull these wire mesh panels and this peg-board wall into a booth that will draw people in…well I have the perfect idea and it goes with all the things I love and adore….All things Old…so you’ll have to wait until next time to hear how we’ll pull the decor together along with lighting and much more.

Thanks as always for reading, you are so special to me and to share the process with you is extremely cathartic and is helping me get ready in my head and get organized in the reality.  Our tent is ordered and shipped, when it arrives and we practice putting it up I’ll let you know the hilarity that will no doubt ensue.

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Peace and Light to you…Windy Kai

The Frugal way to start showing at Art Festivals: The Tent

So let’s start with the basics…A TENT!

My husband and I go to art festivals all the time and yes I depend on most of my sales via the internet and galleries, but I recently was encouraged (thank you Jana) to apply for a show in Edom that is truly “Artisan” and they said my work would fit right in, so I applied and was lucky enough to get accepted….well now, the work begins…so my husband and I, while we still go to art festivals, As opposed to the art itself, we’ve started to look at tents, and panels and weights and the way credit cards are accepted….oh my Lord it never ends!!   So now that I’m terrified and we’ve realized how expensive this can get, we’ve decided to go the frugal route instead of throwing two grand into a full top of the line set up for our first show.  So I’m going to do a few posts on How to put together an expensive looking display tent for UNDER $500…yes it can be done!  We’ll cover Tents, panels, weights, taking credit cards,lights and Misc. things you don’t think about!

I preface this by saying if you use any of these expensive brands, please take no offense…believe me I’d love to as well, but for a first timer starting out and not knowing what I’m doing, we have to start frugal and none of this has come without lots and lots of research.  So if you’re a die hard Flourish Lover….I don’t blame you…they make a great product…just not one I can invest in, so these articlese are going to be about finding the deals and the tips and tricks to keeping it cheap, NOT to bash a great company.

We’ll start with the tent and yes I will, if I love the festival life, eventually invest in an $845 dollar Flourish tent with all the accoutrements which puts you well above $2500 and that looks something a little like this…


Flourish Tent

 Well after doing some research and looking at a lot alot a lot of tents and talking to twice as many artists we found this tent:






 WE found this EZ UP tent from  It has everything the Flourish has including the back door option, four sides that can be rolled up an awning (which is extra on the flourish as is the back door) along with your name or website printed on the tent above the awning for only $29 extra (pennies compared to what you pay for a professional sign and is not offered by Flourish)  and Four zippered sides.  All this for only $239.  AND the EZ up can be popped up literally by one person. 

I interviewed no less than fifteen “EZ Up artists” and one said he’d had his for 15 years….so durability seems to be added along as well.  Sure the fabric is not quite as thick, but every artists I spoke to with an EZ Up was as happy as could be.  So for this starter girl… EZ Up it is and maybe a fancy Flourish after I make the big time!  Or maybe not if it lasts as long as the 15 years claimed!

Peace and Light and next week we talk about Panels….my favorite part!!!

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In Support of Flourish, the following links are from who sells some of the best tents and supplies out there….but a bit pricey for this frugal first timer.

Lukes Show Essentials

Luke“I’ve been doing shows for 25 years in every part of the country and in all kinds of conditions. Here’s a list of supplies I always bring with me, besides of course my inventory, charge card machine, plenty of change, extra pens, and my display. I hope with this basic kit you’ll be able to meet whatever challenges come your way.”


Intended Use

Duct Tape XXX Important – attaches anything to anything.
Bungee Cords Hold a display to a table, or possibly hold up the table.
Spring Clamps Good all around fastener.
Step Stool or Ladder If you were tall, you would be in the NBA not doing craft shows.
Hammer A must have for pounding in stakes and fending off unwanted visitors.
Nylon Rope Keep it handy for attaching tie down screws or dragging your car out of the mud.
409 or Similar Cleaner Because even despite your best efforts stuff will get dirty.
Waterproof Coat I know it’s not gong to rain, just bring it.
Pliers Tightens any bolt and converts Mesh Panels, so you don’t have to try with a spring clamp.
Did We Mention Duct Tape? You will need it. Do not leave home without it.

 Links to Artist Resources – Many shows now use this online application process

Mike Albin Photography – See Mike’s excellent marketing articles on his website

Art Fair Insiders – Reviews, Forums, Groups & more on this inside page for artists

National Association of Independent Artists – An organization by and for artists and dedicated to the success of artists who exhibit at shows – please join

Art Fair Schedule – Scheduling and Marketing resources and information

Sunshine Artist Magazine – Show reviews and articles by exhibiting artists

Community of Artists for Equity – An advocacy organization for artists exhibiting 2D artwork.

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