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Almost Ready……in our own frugal way!

We worked and Spent our tails off getting ready for my first outdoor show.  Galleries are so nice and air-conditioned but I’ll have to admit I’m excited about the outdoor experience.  Just lots of water or Dr. Pepper and I’ll be fine. Along with my sweet hubby, you’ll see putting up lights below……also, I was nervous about our panels since we went the frugal way of course and just got closet shelving to hang at $10 a piece instead of MUCH MUCH more for pro-panel, but after putting them up with zip ties non the less, they disappear into the wall of the tent and all you see is my art.  Going cheap can pay off!!!!!    We also lucked out and found good track lighting at only $29 a set and my handy dandy husband hooked the lights up looking all professional.  Heck, It actually looks like we know what we’re doing!!!  Who Knew???  So  here’s a few peeks…..we’ll have the whole tent set up for practice next weekend.  Wow….I’ve never felt more at home…..

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