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Some experimentation and a finished series….

Well, as you know from a previous post I started a series in Winnsboro as a demo and couldn’t stop….I have trouble with stopping on small canvases so I have to keep adding….so here are the four canvases and the new series that I’ll display for the first time tomorrow at the Peddler’s Show…


As well as this series I’ve exerimented abit.  My husband LOVES landscapes and if you follow me at all you know I’m not exactly a landscape kind of gal, so I decided to experiement and give my husband a piece he liked…so here’s what my interpretation of a landscape ended up as…..

That’ll teach him to ask for a landscape!!  It was actually fun and I plan to play around with it a bit and develop the style more.  We’ll see what the muses bring as always!!

Peace and Light….. WK

New Pieces and Winnsboro Art Fair…..How did it go?


Well we just returned from Winnsboro Fine Arts Festival where the artists were treated like kings and queens.  The sales weren’t the best but the atmosphere and hospitality couldn’t be beat!  We sold two pieces and had two galleries ask for pieces to be hung in their spaces with commissions but we have another show in two weeks and just didn’t have the inventory but it was quite the compliment!  I did a demo for the show which you can see below.  I’ve gotten so used to working in large spaces that working on a small canvas just about killed me so I had to carry it over to another canvas and now I’m on the third…so a simple demo turned into a series…..I’m never simple I guess.

I’ve also completed a new piece that I was able to show that really caught one of the judges eyes.  He said he loved it and it was his favorite….and yet I didn’t win any awards….I guess he was out-voted! 🙂  But I’m very happy with the piece and the new direction my work is taking with some new techniques I’ve found from extensive reading.  It’s really changing the way I work and I’m loving it.  I hope you do too.

New Work

New work

Well, the last pic is our booth and I hope this post has made you feel like you were there with us in Winnsboro even if you couldn’t make it to see us.  I hope to see you soon, we’re at the Peddler’s show in Arlington at the Arlington Convention Center November 18-20.  Hope to see you there!!

As always, Peace and Light, don’t forget to comment or contact me, tweet or facebook.  I would love to hear from you!

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