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Gallery Opening

Ok, I have my Galley Opening tonight at Mistletoe Gallery. Yes I’m nervous.

It’s actually a small gallery that is in a Medical Area and they use Art for Therapy so they wanted an adjacent art gallery for their patients that they are working with to see how art can be used to express themselves in many ways.

So it’s actually not just about looking at the art and selling it (which would be nice as well, I’m not complaining¬†ūüôā but it’s also in an environment where art is being seen¬†for it’s real value…expression and beauty from within yourself. So that adds to my excitement!

The show runs until June 30th, so I’ll have pictures up on tomorrow’s post.

These are the pieces they asked for:

2nd in a series of floral collages

3rd in a floral collage series



So as you can see they went very floral and “naturey” with the exhibit.¬†¬† The other artist does much more formal floral and tree work so the contrast is interesting.¬† Should be fun!

I hope you are doing well and your day is AMAZING! You deserve it! WK

Celebration and Blog Give Away!

Yes, I finally finished my floral series.

In Celebration I would like to give away a bag of euphemera goodies.  Please comment with your blog link (so I can visit you!) on this post between now and June 7 . . .I will draw a winner randomly and send out a bag of goodies to the winner.   Thanks for celebrating with me!

PS:¬† If you have not tried Bloglines to keep up with your fellow artists blogs. . . you HAVE to try it. . .its free and lets you know when blogs you are following¬†have been updated!¬† If you get it I would love to be added and that’s why I asked for blog links in the comments so I can add you to mine…Blessings and Peace!

Here’s the last of the four with a close up.

floral 4floral









3rd in a floral collage series

          2nd in a series of floral collages                                    floral

¬† Here’s all four together. . .can’t wait to get them hung…until they find a new home…

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