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8 Ink-Jet Image Transfer Experiments


Happy Football Sunday Morning to you!  Well, I’ve always been fascinated with image transfers in my work and the amazing work of others and the results I see others getting….not that I haven’t gotten some great and very cool results myself, but I’m always looking for more…especially with Ink Jet Prints since that’s what I work with….so I downloaded from Cloth Paper Scissors the following free tutorial on Ink Jet Transfers….


This is what I came up with….with much experimentation….and yet although I’m coming up with some great stuff, they are of course NEVER exactly like what the papers and tutorials claim to do…..but I guess that’s what MORE experimentation is for!

Here’s the orignial image I worked with on 60 lb press watercolor paper and here are my results….

  • The first I tried was Sheer Heaven which is supposed to be the “be all end all” of all transfer paper…..


Well, as you can see my results we less than “Heavenly”.  Now admittedly I only experimented around six or seven times with small images, but I just never came up with the smooth perfect image that they do.  You print on the rough side of the paper, mist alcohol on the image and burnish lightly.  It is supposed to lift perfectly into an exact replica of the original.  I didn’t get this result, but I have high hopes and plan to keep experimenting.  Now this paper is $24.00 with shipping for ten pieces, so I won’t be doing A LOT of experimenting freely, it’s just too expensive, but who knows maybe I’ll figure it out and love it as much as everyone else does.  If YOU know the secret to this paper I would LOVE to hear from you!!  Please comment and let me know your thoughts.  I do love the result, it’s just not what they claim.

  • Next I tried using Inkjet Transparency paper over Matte Gel to transfer the image. Now you’re supposed to look for the “Non-Quick Dry” But I couldn’t for the life of me find anything but Quick Dry…so you have to move fast.  These were the results I got.

    So the instructions are to put down a light layer of gel medium and lay the printed side (rough side of the transparency) down on the gel then burnish.  You do have to move quick with the quick dry, but I actually loved the result.  It was one of my favorites.

  • Third I used Glossy photo paper with gel medium using the same process

So this image was created by printing on Glossy photo paper, putting down a light layer of gel medium then burnishing.  The next step involved spritzing with water and using a sponge to peel off the paper backing leaving only the “gloss” layer with the image left on your paper.  I also loved this effect.  It came out great for simple cheap glossy photo paper.

  • So Next I tried a transfer with Matte Photo paper.  I was also happy with this one.  Not a clean transfer and needs more experimentation but it came out pretty cool.


I took the matte paper with the image fresh off the printer.  With Matte laid down on the paper I put the image face down and burnished.  Now because of the backing of the paper you can’t spritz with water and peel off the back of the paper so you have to burnish (I used a bone folder on all of these) then just gently pull of the paper.  It leaves a nice partial image that I think would look great on  canvas.  This is another one that I was very happy with and look forward to playing with it some more.

  • The fifth image came quite by surprise and was just a ghost image, but very cool none the less,,,,
















Using the glossy photo paper image I spritz the paper surface (substrate) with water and simply put the image down and burnished with the bone folder.  I got a nice ghost image while trying to achieve something completely different.  It was a nice surprise. 

  • The sixth image is by far my favorite.  I bought typical iron on paper from Office Depot that is used for ironing on fabric and t-shirts.

The next transfer you’ll see the traditional use of this paper, but I thought….I don’t keep an iron in my studio…let’s play with the heat gun and sure enough, just using my embossing heat gun I cut out the image and heating the paper with image face down of course, an almost perfect image appeared.  Then I went over the image with gel medium because it didn’t quite adhere all the way due to the lack of pressure from the iron.  I was thrilled with this option.  TRY IT!  Just be careful not to burn the back of the paper.  You need a lot less heat and time with the gun than you think.

  • Of course the next one is the traditional iron-on use of the iron-on paper.  Using an iron I got a pristine perfect image.  The problem is we can’t always use an iron on our canvases so that’s why I love the heat gun above, but if you’re working on a flat surface and in a journal, this works great.

  • Finally by pure accident I was doing the matte photo paper transfer to get our 8th image, using only water the spritz on the paper then laying the image face down on the paper and using water and a sponge returned the back of the paper leaving only the image.  Well after it dried I was surprised to be able actually pick the image up off the paper leaving me with a pure transfer that looks like this…..

Now to be honest I was unable to repeat this transfer with the photo of our lady above,  I tried and the paper kept falling apart, but I’m going to keep working at it because it’s just a great transfer.  I’m going to try with both the glossy and the matte photo paper again until I can repeat it.  It’s just too good of a transfer to give up on.  This one has been adhered to a canvas I’m working on and below you’ll see how I’ve used some of these techniques in an UNFINISHED (so be gentle, it’s in process 🙂 piece I’m working on.

  Flipped matte photo image

 Non Flipped Photo paper image

 Iron on paper with Heat Gun

 Ink Jet Quick Dry Transparency burnished on with gel Medium

This is the work so far, just playing around with these images and I’m excited to finish up and see how it turns out!



As always…..I want to hear from you!  What are your experiences with Ink-Jet transfers?  Or ANY transfers for that matter!  Let me know what you think of the PDF from Cloth paper Scissors,  Let’s see pics of any transfers you try from this tutorial.  COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!  I LOVE new ideas.  So let’s hear them!  Try these transfers and get back to me!

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New piece finished!

Vineyard Tree


FINALLY Finished Newest Piece

This piece was inspired by a cruise my family and I just took.  I wanted the water and the sand and the rocks, so I just put it all in there….the golds the blues…….I had a lot of fun with this one and lots of crazy glue on my fingers from the rocks!!

Some Details….

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Legacy art gallery sourcebook…

Click the link below for my gallery sourcebook for Legacy Art Gallery in Hot Springs AK

Hummingbird Poem from one of my students…..

Where will I be in the next month in person and another thrifty way I’m getting there thanks to my biggest fan…my hubby!

Click for my info under 2011 Artists! Nov 5-6

October 8th I’ll be at HandleyFest for One Day only…A short drive to Fort Worth! Come by and see me!

November 5-6 I’ll be in Winnsboro Texas for Winnsboro Fine Art Fest click above for the website with maps etc.   Only an hour and a half from DFW for a great day of art and fun. Come and stop by my tent!

Don’t forget to bring your coupon for 10% a purchase of $100 or more.

We’re still working on thrifty ways to do these shows and my amazing husband has built an incredible pegboard screen for me to hang goodies from and made these weights by hand using pvc pipe and concrete….I’m thinking my tent’s not going anywhere…we hope so at least! Here’s the website with full directions on making these weights.  Now did my husband follow these exact directions….NO of course not….he’s a man he doesn’t need instructions….but the weights turned out great anyway even without following the instructions….he cracks me up, but I couldn’t complain much.  He’s been my right hand man slash biggest fan in this entire journey from selling on the internet to selling at fairs so His support is enough to make any woman feel like a princess.  I’m extremely blessed!!  So here’s a pic of our weights and the link with instructions….

 The pegboard wall is almost finished and will be in my next post.  I’m in love with it…..picture chinese folding screen in a pegboard that is completely collapsible for easy transport.  Who knew what a CPA coul do with his hands!!  Hope to see you there and soon, peace and light to you and yours, WK.

Gallery Opening Update…

This is just a quick opening to how the Gallery opening went….there is much more to come…just a hint…(there were TV camera’s involved!!!) but this is myself and the gallery owner Beth in front of a few of my pieces…a link to the news story will be coming soon AND even more of a surprise (to myself mostly) is also forthcoming…stay tuned!!

Guest Post from DeAnne Williamson

Humming Bird - Texas

Image via Wikipedia

Today’s guest post is from DeAnne Williamson and you can see her AMAZING ART at  She’s amazing!  I’ve just “met” her online and I love her….plus she was writing about hummingbirds so I couldn’t resits…but go take a look at some of her art!  You won’t be disappointed!


We All Have Wings, But Some of

Us Don’t Know Why

Quick as a hummingbird is my love,
Dipping into the hearts of flowers–
She darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly
Dipping into the flowers of my heart.
-James Oppenheim
Something really amazing has been happening for the last few weeks. A hummingbird has laid her eggs in a nest on my front porch. She built the tiny nest in a large potted tree of ours. I can’t even describe how moving this event has been for me and my family. But to even begin to explain, I must tell you that I have always had a deep and mystical relationship with hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Love

I’m not even sure when it began. I just seem to encounter hummingbirds with surprising regularity and in strange and profound ways. More often than I can even relate, hummingbirds have appeared before my eyes and hovered for a slightly longer-than-normal moment, and then just as swiftly flown away. And it always seems to be during some heavy brain activity I have going on; decision-making, life turning points, sadness, joy.
Hummingbirds are such interesting and lovely creatures. Because of the fast beat of their wings, they are often a symbol of joy, vigor and energy. Because of the length of their sharp beaks, they are also a symbol of sexuality or warfare. And they are the only birds who can fly backwards due to their ability to hover so they are also often used as symbols of one’s past or history. I have painted them a lot due to the strong ideas they represent. Here is a recent painting “She Dances With Ghosts” where I used a hummingbird to symbolize the past.
But the bottom line for me is that I just love them. When a hummingbird appears in front of me, it instantly brings me joy. It makes me think of the loved ones I have lost and the loved ones I still have in this world. It makes me think of life and love and beauty and art. And how amazing nature is. It makes me marvel at how this tiny little creature can move with such swiftness and beauty and in one quick instant, can bring such joy and profound emotion. 
I don’t discount this relationship I have with hummingbirds as one of chance. It’s happened way too often to be a coincidence. I have encountered them here a lot near my home but I have also encountered them while I’ve been traveling so I think it’s significant. And maybe I’m just more aware of it now. But regardless of the reason, I believe they are an important symbol in my life. I believe all things happen for a reason. And I will always keep these little winged angels fluttering about in my heart. Especially this little tiny one who was born on my front porch. I named him Hubbell.



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